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ATAC has got off to a good start. We have had considerable coverage for the issues raised in our first media release. Just follow the links on this page to comments concerning the issues we have raised.

Monday February 25 2008

Interview by Tim Cox with Roger on ABC 936 Local Radio. Both Sue Napier, Shadow Minister for Education, and the Minister, David Bartlett respond to this interview later in the same programme.The interview and media release have been picked up as far away as News Brunswick Canada.

  1. Autism activist's anger over school services. ABC News Online Monday 25 February 2008

  2. Autism In Tasmania - Autistic School Children Are Being Denied ABA from Facing Autism In New Brunswick [personal blog of Harold L Doherty, New Brunsick Canada.

Tuesday February 26 2008

Double Page Spread on Lisa Rowe, who is withholding her 12 year old daughter from school until proper aid and an acceptable ABA programme is put into place.

Wednesday February 27 2008

Tim Cox interviews Lisa Rowe on ABC 936 Statewide Morning Show. Sue Napier takes a more positive stance on ABA programmes. Phone comments from Birra-li, another mother withholding two autistic children from school because of failure of the Education Department to make proper provision for them in school.

WIN TV news feature on Keelan, an autistic boy who, following a total break down in 2003, had a non-assessable IQ, and who now, after 3 years of intensive ABA therapy, the assistance of support workers, and the enthusiastic co-operation of his local school, is in the lower percentile of age average performance, and happily attending school 4 days a week.

Saturday March 1 2008

Article in Saturday Mercury by David Killick reporting ATAC's statement concerning neglect of education of children with ASD in Tasmanian schools. Minister of Education fails to appreciate the gravity of the situation. Resorts to spin and glib statements concerning programmes and spending on children with ASD




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