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A.T.A.C. proposes to conduct a SPEAKING OUT CONFERENCE during 2008. Here families with children on the Autistic Spectrum can tell THEIR stories.

  • The stories of the major speakers at this conference will be printed and distributed to those attending the conference, and TO THE MEDIA.
  • All sectors of the Media will be invited to attend.
  • Both the State Government, and the Opposition, will be invited to attend and to speak at this conference, and to outline their policies to deal with the present crisis in the provision of Services for children with Autism.
  • People working in Disability Services, the Education Department and Child and Family Services will be invited to attend so that they can hear first-hand the results of the lack of services on families with children with autism.
  • Also speaking at the conference will be people reporting on the results of SOUND intervention programmes with outstanding outcomes to show what can be achieved if funding for A.B.A. programmes is made available.


We NEED your contribution.

  • Please register with us for our SPEAKING OUT ABOUT AUTISM conference in 2008.
  • In the meantime, register your child with us to help us put together an accurate picture of the need for services in this state for children on the Autistic Spectrum.
  • YOUR STORY. We invite you to tell your own story either at this conference, through our interactive web page, or both. For too long we have been silent about our needs and the battle our children face daily. It is time to break the ring of silence so that we can garner support for our families.

ATAC - Action for Tasmanian Autistic Children!


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